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The 13th Week of Yiddish Music und Theatre

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Synagoge-semper in

From 22nd October to 9th November 2009 the 13th Week of Yiddish Music und Theatre takes place in Dresden. It focuses on two areas: with concerts, exhibitions and many lectures, talks, guided tours and movies, Jewish life in East Germany and the changes due to the political turmoils of 1989/90 will be reflected. Take the opportunity to experience two weeks full of Yiddish music, literature and Yiddish theater in Dresden.
(K. Michael)


No Violence! Revolution in Dresden 1989

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Dresden was after Leipzig the second important starting point for the peaceful revolution of 1989, which led ultimately to the German Reunification. So far unpublished media tell of the courage and fear, of dreams and hopes and of moral doubts – in the final analysis of a fascinationg story how an overpowering state power was brought to its knees with nonviolence and persitstence, ingenuity and humour. The exhibition can be seen from 22nd July 2009 to 10th January 2010 in the City Museum Dresden.
(Katharina Michael)