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5 year aniversary of the reopended Historic Green Vault

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

On the weekend of the 17th and 18th September 2011 the State Art Collections in Dresden celebrates with a varied program the 5-year anniversary of the reopening of the Historical Green Vault. On the occasion of the anniversary the Historical Green Vault, all museums and exhibitions in the Royal Palace are open also on Tuesdays the 13th, 20th and 27th September and the 4th October.
With 5 € entrance tickets for either the Palace or the Historic Green Vault, one can see on that day all events and current exhibitions until 10 p.m. You can expect a colourful program for children and adults: Jazz, creative workshops, lectures, raffle and free tours of the museums.
On Sunday, September 18, 2011, the Royal Palace invites you to a concert at 11 a.m. in the small courtyard ,to a reading, creative workshops and guided tours for children.
The Green Vault in the Royal Palace in Dresden is the oldest Treasury museum in Europe and finest collections of art treasures from the Renaissance and the Baroque. Founder of this unique museum was the famous Saxon Elector August the Strong. As one of the few European treasuries the Green Vault has succeeded in maintaining almost its authentic stock.
As a work of art, the objects are shown without disturbing glass, which is why the number of visitors is limited and entry is possible only through a double door system that will keep the premises free of dust. The tour includes the Antechamber and the Amber Room to the Ivory Room and the Jewellery Room with its almost completely mirrored walls. A total of 10 rooms are passed through. It also includes the famous work of art “Moor with Emerald Plate”. Among the numerous drinking vessels are also the mouth cup of Martin Luther and a drinking cup of Ivan the Terrible.(K. Michael)

DresdenWalks and the international tourist guide day

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Wgft-2010-netz in

On Sunday, Februar 21st 2010, DresdenWalks invited Germans for a special (free) tour offered because of the international tourist guide day. It’s main topic was “It reeks of work…”.

We greeted approximately 60 persons at 11 o’clock to our tour. Saskia, Astrid, Tom, Anke and Jana were the “realay team”. Heidi and Sylvia took care of our individual guest who joined the “ordinary” tours and Katharina stayed home with her “juniors”.

For this special topic “It reeks of work…” our guides thought of new and forgotten objects and topics. So we talked about mechanics of the Semper Opera House, the former tanners quarter and the “queck” water fountain, the Procession of Princes with its various craftsmen, Saxon inventions in food and beverages and about the Yenidze and its cigarettes. Guests listened to each guide and stayed with us until the end even though it started snowing.

It was a wonderful tour for all of us. We enjoyed it a lot and look forward to the next tourist guide day in 2011 and until then – to many guests for our daily tours in town.
(J. Malschewski)

Wintertime with DresdenWalks

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Dresdenwalks-aufsteller in

Fall is almost over and winter is approaching us slowly. Yes, it is getting quite cool/cold in Dresden those days.

Winter Season also means for DresdenWalks new tour dates.

From November 1st through March 31st all of our walking tours start at 11 o’clock. You still do not need to register – but are very welcome to do so.

During Christmas Season (November 27th – December 24th) we offer special Christmas Walking Tours. Our guides show you the old town and tell you some nice stories about Christmas traditions in Dresden and Saxony.
(J. Malschewski)

Find more information about the walking tour here.

Amazonia – Native Americans of the rainforests and the savannas

Friday, September 25th, 2009

The Japanese Palais presents this special exhibition on an area of 800 sq.m. with an overview of the different cultural landscapes in Amazonia. It thematises not only the origins and distinctivness but also the current situation of the natives of Amazonia. The exhibits come explicitly from Saxon collections. Next to cultural witnesses of long lost tribal cultures one can see pieces of tribes which were contacted for the first time just a few years ago. One basic concern of the exhibition is to point out that the preservation of the cultural diversity is very important, since the many small tribal cultures of the Amazonia also belong to the cultural heritage of humankind. 29th April 2009 to 27th March 2010
(K. Michael)

Australians enjoying tours with DresdenWalks DresdenWalks in Australia

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Janaaustralien1 in

Already for the last weeks and months we had been very happy to greet, apart from other nationalities, especially many Australians to our English walking tours in Dresden. Coming to Europe from down under is quite a long journey. So we are glad, that visiting Dresden is one of their stops in Europe.

We just wanted to try it the other way around: taking “DresdenWalks” to Australia. As you can see at the pictures, Jana made it: Enjoying Australian winter during European summer. We visited the North with Darwin and KakaduNational Park, spent some time in the rain forests and at the beaches of Queensland and drove all the way south to Sydney.

All guides of our DresdenWalks team try to get a better understanding for other nationalities while visiting their countries. We of course hope that this also helps us to give personalized tours in our hometown Dresden.
(J. Malschewski)

Guides in Green

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Guides-bellevue in We managed it, at last! As of now you can “inspect” all our guides face to face online. Not alone this: One can identify us now easily with our green and printed windbreakers and shirts.
On a windy afternoon we gathered at the famous Canaletto view at the beautiful shores of the River Elbe in order to shoot our pictures. The result can be examined on our website with immediate effect. See you soon in person!
(Katharina Michael)

We made it

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Dear guests

We made it. Dresden Walks is online now. You are able to read up-to-date information about our tours as well as news about us and our town Dresden.
Starting on 27 March 2009 we are offering our guided walking tours of the Old Town of Dresden daily. In English, German and upon request also in Spanish.
We look forward seeing you at our next walking tours.