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Pyro Games 2010 17th September to 9th October 2010

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Following the exemplary success of the summer 2009 the Fireworks Festival “Pyro Games” goes also in 2010 in the next round. During forty unique events selected Pyro Designers will illuminate the evening sky and enthral with a especially for this night created musical. The Pyro Games are embedded in a gigantic framework program. In addition to the exceptional Pyro musicals the Berlin drum thunderstorm “stamping feet” is the main attraction of this evening. They mix the latest sounds of the charts with a drum performance, whereby objects of daily use such as bins, chain saws or angle grinders are transformed into the chief characters on the stage. Support comes from local talented bands as well as the Pyro Games DJ.
(K. Michael)

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Tizian and Cranach in the Old Masters Picture Gallery

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Barely one artist has been hailed as Tizian for his portraits. The Venetian Renaissance painter (around 1488 – 1576) was in demand all over Europe: emperor, princes, aristocrats, and rich clients acted as a model for him. The “Lady in White” is one of the most graceful but also one of the most mysterious paintings. This studio exhibition is devoted to the restoration of Tizian’s “Lady in White” and will explain difficult working steps of the conservator as well as painting techniques of the artist.

In addition to this special exhibition there is now an extensive Cranach presentation. Lucas Cranach was one of the most important German painter und graphic artist of the Renaissance. Dresden owns the biggest body of his paintings worldwide, which can be enjoyed now for several months. This exhibition shows all the essential works of Cranach the Elder and the Younger.

The collection will be taken over by a Vermeer exhibition in September.
(K. Michael)


Georg Baselitz in the Dresden Picture Gallery of the Old Masters: Dresden Women

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

This presentation, designed by the artist and his wife, contains in particular works, which were created within a strong controversy with Dresden and its history. The strength of choice is the thematic emphasis – not seen like this before and different from other survey exhibitions.

In central position in the Semper Gallery, in the Gobelin Hall, two big groups of works will be shown from the oeuvre of Georg Baselitz from 18th January to 27th February 2010.

The main work about the German history absorbs a defining event, not only in the memory of the artist: the destruction of Dresden and the in a fire apotheosis flashing end of the Second World War.

Attached to this exhibition core are presented in the adjacent rooms paintings and drawings such as “Evening Meal in Dresden” and “The Bridge Ghost’s Supper”. They show as well the reference of Baselitz to the Christian picture tradition as his artistic role models, among others Edvard Munch and the artists of the BRÜCKE.
(K. Michael)


Sunday, November 8th, 2009

13th Festival For Computer Based Art Dresden

Blau in For all visitors of Dresden and our DresdenWalks guests as well, the festival for computer based art CYNEART takes place from 26th November to 6th December.

Within this event insights into the interdisciplinary and intercultural ways of thinking and working will be given. Furthermore new forms of cross-border communication and co-operation will be presented in the Festspielhaus Hellerau.

A multitude of events in the form of concerts, video and performance installations as well as computer games all aim to make the audience join in and experiment with the offered media environments for themselves.
(K. Michael)


The 13th Week of Yiddish Music und Theatre

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Synagoge-semper in

From 22nd October to 9th November 2009 the 13th Week of Yiddish Music und Theatre takes place in Dresden. It focuses on two areas: with concerts, exhibitions and many lectures, talks, guided tours and movies, Jewish life in East Germany and the changes due to the political turmoils of 1989/90 will be reflected. Take the opportunity to experience two weeks full of Yiddish music, literature and Yiddish theater in Dresden.
(K. Michael)


12th Middle-German Heinrich-Schütz-Days

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

From 2nd October to 1st November 2009 the 12th Middle-German Heinrich-Schütz-Days will offer you twenty events. Under the motto “Heinrich Schütz and Silesia” the famous German composer of the Early Baroque will be remembered in Weißefels, Bad Köstritz and Dresden.

Concerts and lectures take up a journey, which lead Schütz in 1621 together with prince elector Johann Georg I. to Breslau (Wroclaw). Detailed informations can be found on www.schuetztage.de

(K. Michael)

TonLagen (Pitches) – The Dresden Festival of Contemporary Music

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

The focus of the festival, which takes place from 1st to 17th October 2009, is the connection of contemporary music with different kinds of art: dance, performance, installation, new media, video art, film, theater, music theater. The progam ranges from pathbreaking compositions of New Music to the latest experiments of electronic music, sound-collages and sound-environments.

Also the peripheries of avant-garde rock music, productions of independent labels and experimental jazz are part of the program. These exciting, inspiring, enjoyable evenings at the Tonlagen-Festival in Hellerau, in the Volkswagen Transparent Manufacture, the Church of the Three Kings and the Academy of Music certainly offer something for you as well.

(K. Michael)


The Beginning of an Exciting concert season

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Dresden-goldener-reiter in

The Saxon National Orchestra (Sächsische Staatskapelle) belongs to one of the most rich in tradition and oldest ensembles of the world. And with 461 years it is not a bit quite. On the contrary, the General Music Director Fabio Luisi and the musicians of the Sächsische Staatskapelle invite you to an enthralling and top-class casted concert season 2009/2010.
Forthwith you can obtain the new program at every known ticket office in Dresden or you can see it online at www.staatskapelle-dresden.de.
(Katharina Michael)

Semper Opera House – „Open Opera“

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Img 0026 in

On Sunday, June 14th 2009, the Semper Opera House in Dresden welcomes you to the “open house”.
From 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. you can have a look behind the scenes, talk to the director, get to know how theatre technology works and visit the theatre workshop where all the stage designs and costumes are made.

(Jana Malschewski)