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Reopened: the Albertinum in Dresden

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Albertinum-dresden in

After a construction time of almost six years the Albertinum in Dresden has been reopened. The building, which contains the New Masters Picture Gallery and the Sculpture Collection, had to be repaired and rebuild after the catastrophic flood of 2002.

Volker Staab, a Berlin architect, achieved the transformation of the flood trauma, which swashed into the depots of the Albertinum, into an architectural solution. He spanned the former inner court with a 76 m long steel construction and put there the huge depots – hence from the basement into a height of seventeen meters. The whole contorted house gained with this procedure a new centre and clarity.

In addition to these building measurements the concept was changed. With the move-out of the Green Vault and the Coin Collection to the Royal Palace the Albertinum now solely shows art from the Romantic up to the presence. The new exhibition rooms are shared by the New Masters Picture Gallery and the Sculpture Collection with paintings from Caspar David Friedrich to Gerhard Richter as well as sculptures from Baroque to the 21st century.

The Albertinum opens daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Entrance fee 8 Euros, with discount 6 Euros. Free entrance for children under 16.
(K. Michael)

The “Türkish Chamber”

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Tuerckische-cammer in

Thanks to their taste of fashion, collecting passion and aspiration after princely presentation of power the artistic prince electors of Saxony created from the 16th to 19th century an oriental treasure room. The so called “Turkish Chamber” presents on 750 m² about 600 objects such as costumes, showy weapons and exquisite oriental equestrian accoutrements, precious materials and Ottoman tents.

All exhibits are connected to fascinating stories which you could come to know after a tour with DresdenWalks. This new permanent exhibition situated in the Royal Palace utilizes the latest exhibition techniques and creates a special atmosphere, which turns your visit into an unique experience.
(K. Michael)

Tizian and Cranach in the Old Masters Picture Gallery

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Barely one artist has been hailed as Tizian for his portraits. The Venetian Renaissance painter (around 1488 – 1576) was in demand all over Europe: emperor, princes, aristocrats, and rich clients acted as a model for him. The “Lady in White” is one of the most graceful but also one of the most mysterious paintings. This studio exhibition is devoted to the restoration of Tizian’s “Lady in White” and will explain difficult working steps of the conservator as well as painting techniques of the artist.

In addition to this special exhibition there is now an extensive Cranach presentation. Lucas Cranach was one of the most important German painter und graphic artist of the Renaissance. Dresden owns the biggest body of his paintings worldwide, which can be enjoyed now for several months. This exhibition shows all the essential works of Cranach the Elder and the Younger.

The collection will be taken over by a Vermeer exhibition in September.
(K. Michael)

360-Degrees-Panorama „1756 Dresden“ – On the scent of the myth

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Frauenkirche-dresden-nach-osten in

The biggest 360 degrees panorama of the Elbe city takes you inside the Asisi Panometer in Dresden on a visual journey to the legendary Augustan era.
On monumental 105 meters length and 27 meters height and the scale 1:1 – “1756 Dresden” transfers you to the once Baroque residence on a sunny August afternoon of the year 1756, the eve of the Seven Year War.

See, wonder and grasp inside the Asisi Panometer in Dresden: Here you become a part of Baroque Dresden yourself. From a 12 meters high platform opens a view over the roofs and squares of the royal residence, over magnificent palaces and churches, the vast gardens and splendid town houses along the river Elbe up to the fortress Königstein on the horizon.
(K. Michael)

Hours of opening: Tue – Fri: 9am – 7pm, Sat, Sun & bank holidays: 10am – 8pm,
Mon: closed

DresdenWalks and the international tourist guide day

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Wgft-2010-netz in

On Sunday, Februar 21st 2010, DresdenWalks invited Germans for a special (free) tour offered because of the international tourist guide day. It’s main topic was “It reeks of work…”.

We greeted approximately 60 persons at 11 o’clock to our tour. Saskia, Astrid, Tom, Anke and Jana were the “realay team”. Heidi and Sylvia took care of our individual guest who joined the “ordinary” tours and Katharina stayed home with her “juniors”.

For this special topic “It reeks of work…” our guides thought of new and forgotten objects and topics. So we talked about mechanics of the Semper Opera House, the former tanners quarter and the “queck” water fountain, the Procession of Princes with its various craftsmen, Saxon inventions in food and beverages and about the Yenidze and its cigarettes. Guests listened to each guide and stayed with us until the end even though it started snowing.

It was a wonderful tour for all of us. We enjoyed it a lot and look forward to the next tourist guide day in 2011 and until then – to many guests for our daily tours in town.
(J. Malschewski)

International Tourist Guide Day 2010 with DresdenWalks

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Wgft-2010 in

Since 1990 the International Tourist Guide Day (ITGD) is carried out worldwide by numerous tourist guide organisations on 21st February.
In Germany the International Tourist Guide Day invites the public to get to know the work of well-trained tourist guides, who are organised in the Federal Association of Tourist Guides Germany.

With great dedication and ingenuity also dresdenwalks deploys the slogan of the ITGD 2010 “It reeks of work….” and developed for the numerous expected guests a new and interesting tour. Thus we will offer a relay, whereby every member of dresdenwalks serves one station.

Starting point of this special tour is the Schlossplatz square next to the large flight of stairs at 11 o’clock on 21st February 2010. Altogether the tour will take about 2 hours and each station about 15 minutes.
This special tour is only in German and free of charge.

Our daily walking tour in the historic city centre of Dresden takes place according to plan at the usual terms.
(K. Michael)

Winter Joy in the Surroundings of Dresden

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Moritzburg-kleiner in

Not only Dresden has to offer a lot during the winter months, but also the palaces and landscapes in its surroundings. Thus, the hunting lodge of Augustus the Strong provides besides a charming landscape, the paradise in a nutshell (little pheasant castle), a permanent exhibition about the courtly hunt now also a show about the German-Czech cult film “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella”.

The Baroque palace served in the 1970s as a festal film set of the popular fairytale film. The show illuminates not only the magical backgrounds of the Cinderella story, but also presents original historical costumes and requisites. Therefore, first a tour with DresdenWalks in Dresden and afterwards up to a Baroque fairytale world.
(K. Michael)

The 575th Dresden Christmas Market

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Frauenkirche-nacht-bearb in

Dear DresdenWalks guests!

The time has come again: The famous and oldest Christmas market in Germany (called the Striezelmarkt) takes place 26th November to 24th December in Dresden. On the Dresden Old Market (Altmarkt) you will witness pottery, Ore Mountains folk art, bakery trade with Dresden stollen bakery at first hand! For the first time a walkable candle arch, which is unique in the world, will welcome the visitors. Also the biggest Christmas pyramid of the world is going to amaze you.

Do not miss the 16th Dresden stollen party on 5th December 2009. The baking of the Dresden Giant Stollen for the party (Start 10.30 a.m. on the Schlossplatz) is running on full speed. In almost 140 bakeries and pastry shops the ovens are on heat day and night in order to prepare the necessary 200 pieces of stollen plates each weighing 8 kilograms.

And so DresdenWalks at that time enriches its usual tours with stories about Christmas in and around Dresden. On top of that you will get a small Christmas surprise.
(K. Michael)

DresdenWalks on the track of Pfefferkuchen

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Handrick-meister-tenne-bearb in

What is the difference of German Pfefferkuchen and gingerbread? With this question we were recently concerned. Thus DresdenWalks went up to Pulsnitz, the source of the best products of its kind: the Pfefferküchlerei Handrick.

There we got answers to our questions by the master himself and in addition a look behind the curtain of this handicraft. Oh, what a smell! What a delight is Handrick’s Pfefferkuchen!

Then we learned an important rule: Gingerbread is only good during the Advent season, but Pfefferkuchen the whole year round. Also the Pulsnitz Pfefferküchler  is somewhat completely special, there are only 8 masters – in all of Germany! Everything else regarding Pfefferkuchen and gingerbread remains our secret – just come to our special Christmas tour in Dresden. Then we will be happy to tell you more!
(T. Ehrlich)

The 13th Week of Yiddish Music und Theatre

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Synagoge-semper in

From 22nd October to 9th November 2009 the 13th Week of Yiddish Music und Theatre takes place in Dresden. It focuses on two areas: with concerts, exhibitions and many lectures, talks, guided tours and movies, Jewish life in East Germany and the changes due to the political turmoils of 1989/90 will be reflected. Take the opportunity to experience two weeks full of Yiddish music, literature and Yiddish theater in Dresden.
(K. Michael)