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DresdenWalks on the track of Pfefferkuchen

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Handrick-meister-tenne-bearb in

What is the difference of German Pfefferkuchen and gingerbread? With this question we were recently concerned. Thus DresdenWalks went up to Pulsnitz, the source of the best products of its kind: the Pfefferküchlerei Handrick.

There we got answers to our questions by the master himself and in addition a look behind the curtain of this handicraft. Oh, what a smell! What a delight is Handrick’s Pfefferkuchen!

Then we learned an important rule: Gingerbread is only good during the Advent season, but Pfefferkuchen the whole year round. Also the Pulsnitz Pfefferküchler  is somewhat completely special, there are only 8 masters – in all of Germany! Everything else regarding Pfefferkuchen and gingerbread remains our secret – just come to our special Christmas tour in Dresden. Then we will be happy to tell you more!
(T. Ehrlich)

Australians enjoying tours with DresdenWalks DresdenWalks in Australia

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Janaaustralien1 in

Already for the last weeks and months we had been very happy to greet, apart from other nationalities, especially many Australians to our English walking tours in Dresden. Coming to Europe from down under is quite a long journey. So we are glad, that visiting Dresden is one of their stops in Europe.

We just wanted to try it the other way around: taking “DresdenWalks” to Australia. As you can see at the pictures, Jana made it: Enjoying Australian winter during European summer. We visited the North with Darwin and KakaduNational Park, spent some time in the rain forests and at the beaches of Queensland and drove all the way south to Sydney.

All guides of our DresdenWalks team try to get a better understanding for other nationalities while visiting their countries. We of course hope that this also helps us to give personalized tours in our hometown Dresden.
(J. Malschewski)