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We would like to introduce the guides who define DresdenWalks. Each and everyone of us loves the city of Dresden and was either born here or lives already for many years in this town. Thus, we not only know the sights and history of Dresden, but also the little anecdotes that come with experience and passion for this city. Our goal is to offer well informed and enternaining tours to the individual traveller in German and English, which must not be booked in advance and on a daily basis. With great dedication we present the beauty of this special town and to whet the appetite for more. Just ask your guide for recommendations what to do in Dresden and with the help of our “free city map” the way there is easily explained.

Our cooperation partners

Over the years DresdenWalks has formed several cooperations and has found working partners such as hotels, promoters of tourism services and Internet platforms. Some offer us as a program item within their deals. Learn more about our partners here and maybe you would like to recommend DresdenWalks and add us to your program as well. We would be pleased to convince you of our quality on one of our walking tours (by appointment only)!





About our tours


21. Mai 2016


Since the beginning of May, DresdenWalks offers English bike tours to explore the “Green Dresden”. Last friday we had our first guests. A family from Holland enjoyed the glorious sunshine and everything that greens and blooms in Dresden. It was a lot of fun, not only for us – but also for our guests.

We look forward to more such Bike Tours!

All the informations about the dates, starting times and bike rentals you can find here.



18. März 2016

Tourismustag 2016 -Dresden for Dresdner

You are new in Dresden and your German is not that good? You sometimes don´t understand all the difficult words in a guided tour but you would like to know the history of Dresden? Maybe learn some German?

We offer 2 tours tomorrow in easy german language. It is the “Tourismustag” in Dresden and many Guides, Hotels and Restaurants offer tours or little programms for people of the city. If you would like to join our tour here you will find the way to the meeting point.

We would like to collect 1€ from every person. We will donate this money afterwards to “Dresden-Place to be” (if you are a refugee you may have heart about it).

These are our 2 tours:

10.30 Uhr (Meeting point: Schlossplatz)

„Dresden Stadtspiel in einfacher Sprache“ (Material: deutsch/englisch/arabisch)

– A city game with questions to answer- in German, English and Arabian language.

14.30 Uhr (Meeting point: Schlossplatz)

„Dresden’s Altstadt in einfacher Sprache erkunden“ (geeignet für Asylbewerber, aber auch Kinder oder Menschen denen es sonst manchmal “zu schwer” wird beim Zuhören.)

– A guided tour in Dresden Altstadt- in easy German language (to get to know the history of your new hometown).

Welcome to our tours!

17. Februar 2016

Meeting of generations and nations – What a Joy!

Sometimes, there are tours and guests, to which one returns with joyful memories. Yesterday one of our guides had such an experience. Four young Dresden visitors decided to explore Dresden with Dresden Walks. It was a pleasure for our guide to walk with the 4. And she already raves about how beautiful this tour was for her. But not just for her. Because as you can see in the selfie, the guests had a lot of fun as well. (Picture deleted because of private data protection)

We look forward to you, it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself young or old. You too can experience our Saxon charm and passion for Dresden.


26. Januar 2016

We are happy to present our new  BIKE tour for 2016!

It´s especially for our English guests and it was requested by you, our guests, quite a few times.

So there it is: We take you on a trip by bike along the riverside and to the most famous sights of Dresden that are not reached during our walking tours.

Maybe you are already planning your trip to Dresden in summer time, we offer the tour from May to September on two days a week and it is a public tour. The only thing you have to bring is a bike – wether it´s yours or a rental one.

Find more information here.

October 2015

We live tolerance – DresdenWalks participates in project of Dresden Semper Opera House

We at DresdenWalks decided to take a stand…a visible stand. In the exedra of the Semperopera is a large projection screen where presentation consisting of a series of pictures is on. Each picture of a person (working for the Semper Opera House – also guides) who decided to speak out against racism, for more tolearnce, acceptance, peace and integration. We are there on it too. And our quote is “We live tolerance”.

And so we do, every day of the year we welcome visitors from all over the globe and show them our home, with enthusiasm, warmth and a smile.

Furthermore we are an international team by now – happy to work with each other.

Seema Prakash & Jana Malschewski-Boehm

Picture deleted because of data protection



18. September 2015

Our guests at 2.30pm

We had some nice guests from US and got caught by photographer René Rockott. Our guests were very interested as you can see and enjoyed the “private tour” at 2.30pm.

There are these days when at 12 o´clock the tour is well visited while at 2.30pm it´s a smaller group.

Don´t forget: we are offering these extra tours up to September 31.


More photos of René Rockott you will find here: http://fotografie-schulung.de/

September 2015

Dresden Walks welcomes asylum seekers

Germany has been recieving asylum seekers in great numbers recently and for many of them Saxony is the end destination. Unfortunately their reception here has been mixed. Racism from some of the locals has been evident, while others have gone out of their way to be welcoming.

For us at Dresden Walks, the choice has been clear. Our main objective, as we see it, is to provide information to about Dresden, Saxony, Germany and Europe to those who visit us from all around the world. And in this exceptional situation, we will use our professional skills to introduce those who have chosen to migrate here to our city and our region. We see this as a natural extension of our goals.

And naturally, as it often happens, one comes across people who need just that little more help. And this is the reason we have decided to offer concrete help to a woman from Africa who is due to deliver shortly. We have decided to organize and arrange for the things she is likely to need and to offer support in every which way she needs it.

If anyone would like to pitch in and also help, please let us know on our Facebook page

21. August 2015

The ethics of free tours

Last year we were pleased when our walking tour was included and recommended in Rick Steves guide to Europe. We had had someone walk along anonymously to guage the content and delivery of our Walking Tour of the old town of Dresden. At the end of the tour we were told we had been tested and come out with flying colors!

This means a great deal to us because most of our guests come because of word of mouth recommendations and reviews. And to be featured in articles or books like Rick Steves feels not just like a feather in our cap but also a validation of our hard work and dedication to providing a professional service. We are a small group of guides working independantly and professionally. Guiding is not something we do ‘on the side’. This means constantly studying, attending lectures, certifiying ourselves further. Constantly investing time and money in qualifying ourselves.

All the more reason why we are disappointed when our guests fall into the trap of ‘free walking tours’ which of course are not really free. The article  of Rick Steves about free tours we came across recently really wraps up how we feel.

(Seema Prakash)

31. Mai 2015

Confessions of a DresdenWalks Guide

Yesterday as I walked towards Schloss Platz and the meeting point of our Dresdenwalks tour my heart began to sink. For, on my way there, I noticed the proliferation of the free tours being offered in the city centre. I have seen them in other cities where they seem to dominate the tours on offer, but in Dresden till last year they were still not so evident.

Who will want to spend 12 € for our tour when free tours are so readily available? Older people, I reassured myself,  because they care about quality and will pay for it. Not quite at peace I arrived at our meeting point still troubled.

When I did begin the tour, I had 21 guests. Not only was our group larger than any of the Free Tours group, but it did not consist predominantly of any one age group or nationality. Rapt attention, searching questions, a wide world view, engagement and interaction: That’s what predominated and all of us together created an memorable 90 minutes that had turned into almost 120.

And what this tells me is this: There will always be people who care about the quality of what they consume. Just as they will spend more on organic food rather than fast, on designing their own holidays rather than taking a group discount rates- they will care about the quality of the information they take back from cities they expend so many resources visiting.

And therfore they will choose to walk with us.

(Seema Prakash)

11. Mai 2015

It’s not just the trees that turn green in May

The sun is shining at last and the sky is blue like in a postcard.  When the bright sandstone of the Church of Our Lady is juxtaposed against this blue sky- it is literally: picture perfect. And a few specks of green thrown in into this composition complete the perfect Dresden photograph.

Have you by any chance a photograph where the spot of green in it happens to be a green DresdenWalks jacket?  It could be that you were in a DresdenWalks guided tour, or maybe it is just a coincidence that we walked into your frame. Maybe you have an interesting story that goes with the picture? We are waiting to hear it!

Send us your pictures. There is a small surprise for the best one.

You can send them to: guides@dresdenwalks.com


26. April 2015

Smile please!

New website? Of course we were in need of new and current pictures. And so we took advantage of the beautiful spring weather last week and let us put into the right light by AF Moment. The Zwinger Palace offered us the right background. Surely, our photoshoot caught the eye of some strollers.

We had plenty of fun,because after all it is a rarity that all DresdenWalks tour guides can come together at the same time. And so the team of photographers had an enterprise, that is to say to tell 10 tour guides what to do! Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing the results, which will then of course everyone see here on the website.

We would have liked to take along the nice gentleman in the picture … but DresdenWalks remains a company with a 100-percent quota of women!



April 2015

Dresden Walks in Rick Steves travel book

We are very proud to be recommended as the walking tour for Dresden in the latest edition of Rick Steves travel book about Germany.
Rick Steves, who has been exploring Europe for the last 40 years, is a travel expert well known in the US for his bestselling books with detailed information and helpful advices.
Get the 2015 edition to find out more about Dresden and Germany and don’t forget to look on page 678 to find Dresden Walks!






6. Februar 2015

Bloggers welcome!

As the Dresden walks team sat around the table a few days ago with cups of steaming hot chocolate and coffee, we came up with many brand new ideas for the coming year. And one of them was to do with travel bloggers.

Are you a travel blogger? If yes, you are welcome to join our walk for free. We assure you it will be comprehensive, well informed and also interesting.

And if you are not a blogger come walk with us anyway. It will be worth it!

1. Januar 2015

New Year’s greeting

The new year is a good time to look back on achievements and to say thank you.

Dresden Walks can look back on a successful 2014 full of all kinds of walking tours. This is not only thanks to you – our guests, but also the tireless, always striving to the highest standards Dresden Walks guides.

Rain or shine, whether 1 guest or 30, everyone should get the experience of a personal, friendly and professional service during a city tour. And that we have achieved this, we can see in the many positive reactions of the guests. Hence we got the excellence status from tripadvisor and many new partners who trust our quality.

Of course we will not relent in our efforts in 2015. We look forward to many new, exciting and helpfully critical experiences with you. Continue to choose DresdenWalks for a city tour in Dresden.

We wish all the best, love and memorable moments for the new year. Good luck, health and happiness to you and your family during the next 365 days.

September 17th, 2014


With sorrow and sympathy we have to announce the death of our former colleague Astrid Brühl. On August 26, 2014, a founding member of Dresden Walks died after long illness. She was only 49 years old. We have lost a valued and popular colleague and we will keep Astrid Brühl in good memory.
Our thoughts are now especially with her family and we wish strength and hope for this time.
Memory cannot be taken away.

09. September 2014

Trip Advisor study: What did visitors to Dresden find most satisfying?

The newspaper BILD published the results of a satisfaction study conducted by TripAdvisor where participants were asked what they had liked the most in Dresden. In the field ‘Attractions’ Dresden Walks made it right to the top. It was the Nr. 1 attraction in Dresden!

Many thanks to our guests, TripAdvisor and to the Bild. We are estatic!

Read more about it here (in German though): http://www.bild.de/regional/dresden/dresden-leute/was-touris-an-dresden-wirklich-lieben-37574920.bild.html

15. August 2014

So what’s a little rain?

We had a great group today. Fifteen guests, from all over the world and they came together to enjoy Dresden. Of course the Stadtfest was a surprise for many and only added to the pleasure of being here. It was the icing on the cake so to speak 🙂

We do the walk even if we have one guest, because that’s the Dresden Walks promise. And such a tour has an easy, intimate and informal quality to it. But larger groups have their own charm and can be fun and lively because of the diversity they bring. Todays tour was one such. It was magical because the group members got along with each other like a house on fire! At times such as these the tour transforms itself into a exercise of joy where we discover Dresden together.

Of course it rained a bit, it was so predicted. But umbrellas were shared, shelter sought out and waited under till the rain lasted, stories about Dresden told to make the waiting easier and before we knew it the sun was out again and we could complete the walk.

Dresden is great with the Stadtfest and will remain glorious even after its wrapped up. Not booked your tickets to Dresden yet? Not booked the tour? Well…what are you waiting for!!

11. Februar 2014


The seasonal “rest” in January and February offers us tour guides the opportunity to further training. This time, we have devoted ourselves to the exciting topic of guided tours for people with special needs.

A small group of 20 colleagues from the Guide Department of the Dresden Tourism Association, the CLUB Dresden Guides and from the DIN EN certification, came together on January 29th and 31st  2014, in the outpatient center for the disabled in the Dreikönigskirche.

Right at the beginning we were all “supplied” with a disability. Whether earplugs or headphones for a hearing impairment, or blindfolds and glasses for low vision, everything gave us an impression for an hour at first hand what it is like to listen to various speakers with such impairments.

First, we learned a lot theory: what is a disability, what does the German and European legislator say etc. Next, there was another self-test. While we were either put in a wheelchair or given a visual or hearing impairment we hade to cope with various tasks, such as buying bread at the market hall, or taking the tram.

The experience we have gained on the first day, we were allowed to apply on the second day. A large group of people with disabilities who come to the outpatient center for the disabled regularly, agreed to be taken by us on a tour of the city. It was a challenge for us to find the right balance in the presentation for visual, hearing and learning disabled people.

After the tours, we met again for the evaluation. We had a lot of fun and there were many constructive comments from the participants. And since many participants asked already for a sequel, we will once again return to the outpatient center for the disabled to offer tours there.

June 6th, 2013


Dear guests,
The flood of the Elbe River is keeping us alert – BUT the Historic City Center is still fine. Since some of you planned your vacation in Germany/Europe a long time ahead, we decided to be there for you and show you our beautiful town and explain what happened with the Elbe River 11 years ago and what is different today.
You don’t need to cancel your stay in Dresden! Come and visit us – and maybe you have time to help … (cleaning up, when the water slowly leaves).
HOPE to see you soon.
Your DresdenWalks Team



June 3rd, 2013

No further walking tours are offered on 5 June and 6 June – because of the recent flood Infos… We keep you up-dated.

Dear guests of the city of Dresden.
We are still here and you can reach Dresden even though the Elbe River and smaller rivers are flooding. We hope the Elbe River won’t reach its highest flood level ever. The last big one had been in 2002…
DresdenWalks is still offering walking tours of the Old Town as long as possible. Since it stopped raining (for now) – it even is mostly dry. You find information about the flood situation also on www.dresden.de.
Most museums in the city center are still open. The Saxon Steamboat Company needs to pause though, and city tours by bus need to take different routes.
We try to keep you up-dated.
Your DresdenWalks Team

17. Juli 2012


Dresden is a German city visited from guests from all over the world. An English-guided walking tour by Dresden Walks offers international visitors insight into the unique history and culture of the “old” city center of Dresden, the capital of Saxony.

Recently, DresdenWalks welcomed a special guest from its own town’s namesake — Dresden. This guest, Meghan, was not from the German city but from an American town in the state of Maine, likewise called Dresden. Meghan visited the city known as the Florence on the Elbe and enjoyed a guided tour with DresdenWalks.
Dresden Walks sends greetings from Dresden to Dresden!

8. November 2009


What is the difference of German Pfefferkuchen and gingerbread? With this question we were recently concerned. Thus DresdenWalks went up to Pulsnitz, the source of the best products of its kind: the Pfefferküchlerei Handrick.

There we got answers to our questions by the master himself and in addition a look behind the curtain of this handicraft. Oh, what a smell! What a delight is Handrick’s Pfefferkuchen!

Then we learned an important rule: Gingerbread is only good during the Advent season, but Pfefferkuchen the whole year round. Also the Pulsnitz Pfefferküchler is somewhat completely special, there are only 8 masters – in all of Germany! Everything else regarding Pfefferkuchen and gingerbread remains our secret – just come to our special Christmas tour in Dresden. Then we will be happy to tell you more!
(T. Ehrlich)

08. September 2009


Already for the last weeks and months we had been very happy to greet, apart from other nationalities, especially many Australians to our English walking tours in Dresden. Coming to Europe from down under is quite a long journey. So we are glad, that visiting Dresden is one of their stops in Europe.

We just wanted to try it the other way around: taking “DresdenWalks” to Australia. As you can see at the pictures, Jana made it: Enjoying Australian winter during European summer. We visited the North with Darwin and KakaduNational Park, spent some time in the rain forests and at the beaches of Queensland and drove all the way south to Sydney.

All guides of our DresdenWalks team try to get a better understanding for other nationalities while visiting their countries. We of course hope that this also helps us to give personalized tours in our hometown Dresden.

14. Mai 2009


We managed it, at last! As of now you can “inspect” all our guides face to face online. Not alone this: One can identify us now easily with our green and printed windbreakers and shirts.
On a windy afternoon we gathered at the famous Canaletto view at the beautiful shores of the River Elbe in order to shoot our pictures. The result can be examined on our website with immediate effect. See you soon in person!


6. April 2009


Dresden Walks already had guests from the United States, Great Britain and the Czech Republic for walking tours in the Old Town of Dresden.

Well, Heidi had the pleasure to guide our first Spanish visitors on the weekend. They could enjoy the warm spring weather, we have right now, during this walking tour with her.

Maybe you are the next ones coming to explore Dresden with us. See you soon!