At the Christmas Market in Dresden this week.

Remember our older post about Dresden’s Christmas Market? It is the oldest and is celebrating its 580th year this time! It’s on till the 24th of December, but there are some special events along the way for visitors.

On Friday, the 12th is the Night of the Stars or also called Stars of the Night. On this day the shops will stay open till 11 pm and sell their goods at special prices. Be there! Not bought your stollen yet? Here is your chance.

On Saturday the 13th is the Dresden Pyramid Festival, and the Pyramid here refers to the giant wooden candle pyramid in the middle of the Striezel-, or Christmas Market. This is an oversized model of little wooden pyramids that are actually candle holders, and can be purchased in the market.
Although called pyramids they look rather like wooden fir trees. This is because they are a tapering carousel with many levels and have wooden figures, mostly angels or other christian motifs, at each level. This entire conical shape is topped off by a propeller that spins when the warm smoke from the candles rises.
It has been suggested that this pyramid is the predecessor of the Christmas tree.

The worlds largest such wooden ‘pyramid’ is in Dresden’s Striezelmarket and is 14.5 meteres high. On the night of The Dresden Pyramid Festival the figures and the scenes at the six levels come to life. Should be magical, a fairy tale come to life!