BRN Dresden or the great non stop party this weekend!

BRN stands for Bunte Republik Neustadt or literally the Colorful Republic of Neustadt. It is a play on the words Bundesrepublik (Federal Republic) and points at the colourful, bohemian, alternative lifestyle that took root in Neustadt (New City of Dresden) in East German times.

In 1990, at the time of reunification of east and west Germany, Neustadt declared itself a micronation with its own ministry, currency and regulations. A street festival in the third week of June every year marks this anniversary and has become a huge draw and attraction.

Streets are closed off, no traffic is allowed and the only pedestrian zone transforms itself into a riot of clours and a medly of music. All houses throw open the doors to their inner courtyards so that the streets and the courtyards are connected and form a giant house and street party. Bands take up position everywhere and anywhere and music streams out of every corner. The more than a hundred stages for musicians/bands are complemented by balcony raves. So do not forget to look up as you walk down the streets.

Bars set up counters on the street, as do restaurants. So there will be plenty to eat and drink. Just get there and bring your good mood along! When, did you ask? Oh, anytime!

This year the dates for the BRN are Friday 19.6. to Sunday 22.6. 2015

Here is a link to the names of the bands that will play




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