Dresden Spring at the Palace

palaisFrom February 26 – March 6

Just in time with the meteorological beginning of spring, the rooms of the palace in the Great Garden will be changed into a blossoming and fragrant paradise of flowers.

Indeed Dresden is not only one of the greenest but also one of the most important cities for horticulture in Europe, a tradition that started with the 1st International Horticulture Exhibition in 1877.

World cultures in a rapture of blossoms

It’s an exhibition that has been on display always at the end of the winter season every two years since 2006. Meanwhile it has become the most important presentation of spring flowers in Germany.

This year’s motto is ‘World cultures in a rapture of blossoms’ and abducts visitors symbolically to all continents. Horticulturists and florists from more than 30 local garden centers have designed magnificent beds and sculptures with more than 40.000 colored blooms in the last days. It’s a unique experience especially in connection with the installed light and sound.

The Palace in the Great Garden

The exhibition is housed in the palace of the Great Garden which is the biggest park in Dresden. The palace, that is located in the center of the park, was erected in 1678 and therefore is the first building in the early baroque style in Saxony. It had been a pleasure palace for the Electors of our dynasty and is nowadays partly used for classical concerts or exhibitions.

Don’t miss it

About 40,000 visitors are expected in the next ten days, the same as in 2014. Don’t miss the exhibition and get your ticket by advanced booking or on the spot in the palace. The exhibition is open from 9 AM – 8 PM. Click here for further information (in German only).

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