Getting to us from the Dresden Main Station

We began our tour as usual after the cathedral bells had stopped ringing. It was a few minutes after 12 noon.

We had barely taken a few steps away from the green sign, our starting point on Schlossplatz, when two extremely out of breath persons ran up. Red faced, panting, it took them a few minutes to catch their breath and gasp “Dresden Walks?”. “We’re sorry for being late, but could we still join in?”

Turns out, they had taken the 8:52 train from Berlin and arrived in Dresden at 11:36 am. That left them with 24 Minutes to get to our meeting point. They decided to walk. Actually 24 minutes is good enough. I have even had a young girl with a suitcase on wheels manage to walk all the way and get there on time from the station. What delayed them was standing in line to buy tickets for the tour. They needn’t have, as we could have done that directly before the tour.

In case you are planning to walk to our meeting point as well, it may be helpful to have exact directions. So here they are. Hope you find them helpful.