How desolate lay the city: Events on the 70th anniversary of the destruction of Dresden

On the 13th of February this year the city of Dresden will remember and ponder its destruction that took place 70 years ago. Many events are being organized to commemorate this date and the the dramatic trials of that time.

Dresden Walks wants to draw your attention to what we consider the important or ‘must see’ events from those being currently planned:

On the 5th February a special exhibition titled “Slaughterhouse 5” – The Destruction of Dresden through literary evidence. It lasts till the 12th May 2015 and is shown here. More information about Kurt Vonnegut and his book you will find here.

On Sunday the 7th February a memorial concert will be held in the Kreuzkirche, or Church of The Holy Cross. The compositions of the former choirmaster Rudolf Mauersberger (“How desolate lay the city” and A Requiem for Dresden”) will be performed.

On 13th February, the actual anniversary of the destruction, several events have been planned.  Amongst them is a large Memorial Event where numerous representatives, inlcuding the German President Joachim Gauk and Bischop Bohl, the bischop of the Saxon Lutheran Church, will attend. Music will play an important role as well; The Dresden Choir and the brassensemble will perform the Virtuosi Saxonia conducted by the musical director Ludwig  Güttler.
This will continue into a formation of a human chain around the historic old Dresden City and Inner Neustadt as a visible symbol and sign of rememberance and involvement of citizens for freedom and reconciliation. At exactly 6 pm the chain will complete itself by people reaching out to each other nd holding hands. This will be accompanied by the ringing of the church bells.