IBUG your life at Crime Show!

Crime Show, sorry…Crimmitschau was the ‘City of a 100 chimmneys’ at the beginning of the 20th Century, and was one of the major textile industries centre in Saxony. As the factories were closed down in 1990, they stood, abandoned and desolate. Till this week.
This week they became the site for a innovative and interesting art show called IBUG- an Urban Culture Festival that is a laboratory for urban artists. Confused? let me explain….

The walls of abandoned factories offer not just a large canvas but also an incredible atmosphere for legal Grafitti and Wall Art. These sites, once bustling and noisy hold forgotten stories of hope and despair. So IBUG invites a group of international artists every year to take over unused industrial locations in Germany and turn it7them into giant, massive, living and breathing art works. These buildings are to be torn down eventually, so the art work is temporary. But magnificent all the same.

For 2014 a former cloth mill of the Brothers Fau, a leather factory and a textiles museum were picked as the massive canvas.

Take a look at the site at http://www.ibug-art.de/en/konzept/
and if you are reading this today (29.08.14) consider heading there tomorrow for a Hip Hop Jam on Areal Schützenplatz at 9 pm. The music develops along with the art. Be surprised!