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January 2022

The last 2 years and the development- especially in Dresden Tourism- came along with big changes for Dresdenwalks, too. Jana Malschewski, our longtime “not-the-boss” left the tourism business after 17 years and is now looking forward to creative new ways.  At the moment Dresdenwalks only offers a few tours for booking in advance but right now there are no public tours available.

February 2020

11th anniversary – time to look back and into the future…

DresdenWalks started off as a project 11 years ago. At the beginning we just offered daily English tours with our small time. Guiding at high quality with lots of individuality for guests and guide. The concept of the small(er) group tours was accepted quickly and we also started offering daily German Walks as well as regular bike tours and tours in Russian language. Some ideas worked out well – with others we learned a lot.
We became well known and popular thanks to the high engagement of each guide and others, who co-created DresdenWalks with his/her ideas and enthusiasm.

Dresden tourism didn’t stop developing either – the same way we did in person. Our DresdenWalks team changed a lot – new ones joined our team, others found new ways to work. Nevertheless – the high quality tours, we set as a standard 11 years ago – stayed.

During the last years we often asked ourselves how to proceed with DresdenWalks in the future. How much time and energy do we have left to keep this project running smoothly – not forgetting about other tours, responsibilities, growing families and new opportunities in the lives of each of us.

Well, here it is: the originial idea stays. A team of highly enthusiastic guides, who love their (home) town want to introduce you to Dresden also in the future. Our by now local “international” team decided to stick to the daily English walks all year round – now starting at 12:30pm and offer regular German group tours just during summers on weekends.

We thank everyone a lot for their support, reviews and “nosy” eyes and ears during our tours. It shows us, that we picked the right track for us.

We are curious which visions the future will show us in the next 11 😉 years.

HAPPY 2020!

Your DresdenWalks-Team


August 26th 2019

В данное время больше не проводятся сборные общие экскурсии по Дрездену на русском языке .
Мы с удовольствием организуем любой индивидуальный тур с русскоговорящим гидом по цене от 120 евро.

November 19th 2018

The preparations for our traditional Christmas market here in Dresden are nearly done, and in a few days we will be back with our Daily Christmas Tours!

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August 2018

We are planning on a public russian tour two times a week…

February 2018

Interested in New private tours? We are working on it…

March 30, 2017

From now on you will find all our reviews compiled into one large guestbook! So far, they were somewhat difficult for guests to find. We are, of course, happy about further reviews you may have, posted either directly on this site, or via the well-known portals like Tripadvisor, Rent-a-guide or Getyourguide.

Thank you very much for your support! With your reviews you not only help us design tours that meet the needs of our guests better, but also help others find the city tour most suited for them.

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