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August 26th 2019

В данное время больше не проводятся сборные общие экскурсии по Дрездену на русском языке .
Мы с удовольствием организуем любой индивидуальный тур с русскоговорящим гидом по цене от 120 евро.

November 19th 2018

The preparations for our traditional Christmas market here in Dresden are nearly done, and in a few days we will be back with our Daily Christmas Tours!

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August 2018

We are planning on a public russian tour two times a week…

March 15th, 2018

From now on Katharina offers this new private tour:

Royal Palace Dresden: 1.000 years of Jewish life in Saxony

February 2018

Interested in New private tours? We are working on it…

March 30, 2017

From now on you will find all our reviews compiled into one large guestbook! So far, they were somewhat difficult for guests to find. We are, of course, happy about further reviews you may have, posted either directly on this site, or via the well-known portals like Tripadvisor, Rent-a-guide or Getyourguide.

Thank you very much for your support! With your reviews you not only help us design tours that meet the needs of our guests better, but also help others find the city tour most suited for them.

Explore the city and it´s surroundings:

Received again: certificates of Excellence

Summer 2018: We received another certificate of excellence for our walking tours in Dresden. With our TripAdvisor Reviews we received this certificate the past 5 years already. So we are part of the “Ruhmeshalle” or “Hall of Fame”. Thanks a lot to our...
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May 23rd, 2017 Louise from Tuscany- a special exhibition at Pillnitz Castle Dresden‘s Scandalous Lady She was lonely, sad and hurt, trapped in the rigid etiquette that existed in all royal courts of that time including Saxony. What made it even more unbearable was that she was...
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90 years of the Palucca School- a retrospective

The Palucca School and Modern Dance Germany’s only university specializing in dance is located in Dresden. It was founded in 1925 by the dancer Gret Palucca, who until then had given lessons in her own apartment. While there are many dancing schools named after their founder, no...
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Women’s Day 2016 in Dresden

The International Women’s Day The International Women’s Day has a long tradition. It goes back to the workers’ movement of the mid-19th to the 20th century. First decisive moments were demonstrations and strikes of textile workers in the United States since...
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Dresden Spring at the Palace

From February 26 – March 6 Just in time with the meteorological beginning of spring, the rooms of the palace in the Great Garden will be changed into a blossoming and fragrant paradise of flowers. Indeed Dresden is not only one of the greenest but also one of the most important...
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The Saxon Carnival

Shrovetide in protestant Saxony? Saxony as the cradle of Protestantism is not really ideal for the so calles 5th season – Carnival. The name Carnival derives from Latin, meaning “without meat”, an indication that it is the time before the Great Lent, which can...
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Things to do in Dresden in February

There is more to February than Valentine’s Day. Especially if you are in Dresden. There are things to do aplenty in addition to the usual staggering choice of museums and their ever changing exhibitions, the concerts, the operas, the open air markets, flea merkets etc. But...
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Of Nutcrackers, Smoking men, Flower children and more

If you’ve been walking through the Christmas markets in Germany, especially Saxony and Dresden, you must have noticed the stalls with a variety of traditional wooden figurines. Nutcrackers, the ‘Smoking Men’ or wooden figurines that emit incense smoke, or the...
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The darker side of ‘affordable’ Fast fashion: An exhibition to visit

The most important thing in ‘fast fashion’  is the low price. And this comes with a hidden price tag: The environment and the workers in the supply chain. ‘The Dark Sides of Fashion’ – a new exhibition in Dresden’s Hygine Museum addresses this...
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The Moravian Star from Herrnhut

One of the most familiar signs of Christmas is the illuminated Moravian Star that lights up many a front porches around the world. When I first arrived in Dresden I loved seeing them everywhere, transforming the city into a fairyland during and after Advent. The star is an...
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Christmas tours with Dresdenwalks

Christmas Tours and Striezelmarkt

Christmas market galore in Dresden Even before the first Advent weekend, the Dresden city transforms  in a proper Christmas market landscape. It starts at Central Station in the south ans ends in the Neustadt on the other side of the Elbe river. And right in the middle is one of...
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“Palace of Culture” – History and Transformation of a communist building in Dresden

Socialist Magnificent Buildung When in 1962 the construction of the Dresden “palace of culture” began, it was the beginning of the end of the historic and traditional city center of Dresden. This unique building of the architectural history of the GDR, affectionately...
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Blowballs today at Dresden Prager Strasse

Where have all the blowballs gone?

If you arrive by train at Dresden Main Station and you follow our directions to the meeting point of the DresdenWalks tours, you will come across a fountain whose spouts will remind you inevitably of blowballs. “International Style” on the way from the main station to...
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Creating “New Masters” of the German language

The Albertinum is the home of the New Masters Art Gallery and the Sculptures Collection. Since it was reconstructed, with its depot literally hanging under the roof now, it has gained a large, bright open space in its center that has been used extensively for events. The Dresden...
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The Transport Museum Dresden. A must see

Since the 11th of July the Transport Museum Dresden has become a place you should consider visiting. Especially if you are travelling with children. This is because they can learn about the development of transport in an extremely interesting and interactive way. From the first...
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BRN Dresden or the great non stop party this weekend!

BRN stands for Bunte Republik Neustadt or literally the Colorful Republic of Neustadt. It is a play on the words Bundesrepublik (Federal Republic) and points at the colourful, bohemian, alternative lifestyle that took root in Neustadt (New City of Dresden) in East German times....
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A new exhibition in Schloss PIllnitz

Many visitors in Dresden manage to hear about and visit Schloss Pillnitz, a charming chinoserie style Palace set in a vast landscaped garden. Another reason to go there this summer is an exhibition named ” Imprisoned, Suffered, Celebrated” about the Saxon King...
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Another reason to come to Dresden: Studying at TU Dresden

The A-Capella-Band “NotenDealer” has composed a song for the Technical University of Dresden or the TU Dresden  and a music video to go with it. Called „Am Puls der Zeit“ it has some interesting images of the University and is a love song of sorts for the multifaceted courses on...
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Kurt Vonnegut

One of the famous POW in Dresden was Kurt Vonnegut, the author of “Slaughterhouse Five or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty Dance with Death” . Dresden Walks now offers the thematic tour “In the footsteps of Kurt Vonnegut-Slaughterhouse No. 5 Tour...
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Travelling with children?

Contrary to what people often think, children can in fact be dragged into museums and cultural venues while on holiday. You just need to work in some playtime in between to compensate. If you are spending more than just a few hours in Dresden and have a car, I may have a nice...
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The Elbe River – Lifeline of Saxony

The Elbe river is strongly associated with the Saxon identity. With a length of 1.091 kilometers it is the third longest river in Europe. It is the largest river in Saxony and for centuries the Elbe river has considerable economic importance. Only the Elbe river, from all the...
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Cheers! 1.000 years of beer in Saxony

Since Saturday, April 24, 2015 a new special exhibition has begun in the Albrechtsburg Castle in Meißen. The occasion is a chronicle of the entry Thietmar of Merseburg from the year 1015. There he tells the story of a honey beer at the Meissen castle that was not only drunk, but...
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“On the King’s Stone” – New permantent exhibition at the Fortress Königstein

“In Lapide Regis – On the King’s stone” is the name of the new large permanent exhibition at the fortress Königstein, which officially opens May 1, 2015,  its doors to all visitors. After more than 25 years of research and collection work, one can now...
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Exploring Saxon Switzerland

The official season for exploring Saxon Switzerland has been opened after Easter. This means the stairs, protective railings and bridges have all been repaired. All together there are 21 kms of stairs that allow one to climb 5000 meters. Since many of the stairs are made of wood,...
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Special Romantic exhibition in the Albertinum to be extended

Already more than 50,000 visitors have been attracted by the exhibition “Dahl and Friedrich. Romantic Landscapes” at the Albertinum Dresden. Thus it is one of one of the strongest magnet for visitors of the Dresden State Art Collections. Following the success of this...
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Dresdenwalks Flyer

DresdenWalks leaflet including city map

Our guides and designer made it – we worked on a new leaflet for our guests, including something special. An individual city map – just for you! Karen Reimann worked out the map itself and all other DresdenWalks tourist guides contributed a small painting, depicting...
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How to get from the train station to the DresdenWalks meeting point?

Getting to the DresdenWalks meeting point from the main station (Hauptbahnhof) By tram: Take either tram number 8 (in the direction Hellerau) or 9 (in the direction Kaditz) from Hauptbahnhof Nord. Get off at the stop ‘Theaterplatz’. On your right will be the Cathedral. Walk along...
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And what about students?

Yes students…there is good news. If you book directly with us (that means just showing up at the tour starting point with proof of your being a student) you get 2€ off from the normal price. In case you are worried about the tours being sold out and would rather book in...
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Dresden in Hollywood – Again!

Recently, just a few days ago, the Hollywood movie “Grand Budapest Hotel“ won 4 Oscars. It was shot in a town east of Dresden called Görlitz and some part of it was also set in the famous Dresden Zwinger. Dresdeners may find themselves rubbing their eyes in disbelief if and...
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Rebuilding Dresden after 1945: A new orientation and new constructions

Although the streets of Dresden were quickly cleared and opened for traffic soon after the bombing on 13th and 14th February 1945, the people of Dresden had to live for almost a decade in a city marked by ruins and rubble. Portions of houses, mostly facades, rose like skeletons...
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