Duration: approx. 3h
Location: upon agreement
Price: from 160€ (incl. VAT)

Combo City Tour Dresden

A complete overview of Dresden is given during this three hour combo city tour – operating by bus and on foot. Combine the best of the Old Town and the best of the surrounding districts of Dresden.

This tour is a compact possibility for your first visit to Dresden. You will not only discover the historic center with the main historic sights during a little stroll. Moreover you will also get to know the former suburbs of our town – wonderful districts, where you see more local live.

Plan about 60-90 minutes for the city tour by bus in order to get to know the Golden Horseman and the governmental district in the New Town of Dresden. Furthermore the area around the Grand Garden (Grosser Garten) is a highlight. Also the villa districts of Blasewitz with the beautiful wedding-hall and Loschwitz are included. Hop over the “Blue Wonder” Elbe bridge and get to know two more technical miracles of the Elbe slopes, which will be introduced to you. Addionally stop to admire the outstanding Elbe palaces.

Finally the remaining 90-120 minutes are best used to discover the Altstadt (Old Town) during a walking tour. We like to show you the Zwinger and Semper Opera House on Theater Square. Furthermore see the Procession of Princes, the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) and enjoy a great view from famous Brühl’s terrace.

Duration 3 hours/costs from 160 EUR (incl. VAT) per group