Duration: min. 2h
Location: upon agreement
Price: from 110€ (incl. VAT)

Dresden City Tour by bus

Get to know the most famous sights of the city center as well as great former suburbs of Dresden within two hours during our guided city tour by bus.

First we take a glance at the Altstadt (Old Town) with its historic and well known sights. Move on to the Neustadt (New Town) of Dresden. Here we find the most beautiful baroque street in of Dresden and the most beautiful dairy shop in the world. This one is even listed in the books of the guiness world records. Our next stations of our driving tour are going to be the New Synagogue, the German Hygiene Museum and Transparent Manufactory at the Grand Garden (Grosser Garten).

The further we drive away from the center, Dresden seems to get even greener and the villas more beautiful. We reach districts with names like Striesen, Blasewitz, Loschwitz and Hosterwitz. Cross the Elbe river via a technical miracle, the Loschwitz Elbe Bridge “Blue Wonder” and discover two more technical miracles during our city tour by bus. Maybe you want to switch vehicles briefly and hop into one of the mountain railways.

Finally enjoy the view to the “treasures” of Dresdens Elbe Vallye – our Elbe Palaces and listen to their history.

At the end of the tour – you are invited to explore the Zwinger Courtyard with your guide. This time on foot.


Duration from 2 hours/costs from 110 EUR (incl. VAT) per group


PS: Busses available e.g. www.erlebnisplus.de or www.taeter-tours.de