Duration: 3-3.5 hours, every Friday at 3pm
Location: Palace of Culture, Schloßstraße 2, 01067 Dresden
Price: starts at 40,00 €
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Culinary tour of Dresden – including a lot more.

At the end of a classical walking tour, we the guides are asked, ever so often, for tips about what, and where, to eat. So a culinary tour of Dresden came into our minds. Many guests want the comfort of familiar food and ask where the nearest food court, Starbucks, McDonald,or the good Italian pizza is. But a handful of visitors want to try genuine German. Now the problem with ordering food in Dresden, like in any foreign country is multifaceted. The food is unfamiliar, the menus are usually in German, the waiters in Saxony rarely speak English. Most importantly, everyone dreads ordering something that may turn out to be the opposite of what was anticipated!

My colleagues and I were spending considerable time with guests who genuinely wanted to try local cuisine. We were even walking with them into a restaurant, pouring over a menu together and translating everything into English. Eventually our enthusiasm would get the better of us. Try this! And this! But of course, this! No doubt we ended up confusing our guests and frustrating ourselves because the ‘best’ samples of what we were recommending were never in the same place.

The natural outcome of this is the culinary tour- Dresden on Food!

After much thought and discussions over food samples (such delicious research!), we decided that the food tour would not just be about food, but also about the historic city centre. This was keeping in mind that not everyone has the time to do two different tours. Accordingly, our tour is designed in a way that our guests see the historic city centre of Dresden, plus get to try local specialities. It’s a two-in-one winning combination! Our only concession for this tour, as opposed to a regular one, is that the history of the city is brought out, where possible, by its connection to cuisine.

We have picked samples from a wide range of traditional fare, in interesting locales that are ‘hidden’in plain sight and link them up to Dresden’s culture and history. With its more than 800 year history of wine making, we couldn’t have ignored regional wine. The wine tasting is the sparkling culmination of the tour and the best place to relax and wind down after three hours of discovering the city.

Come taste genuine Dresden!




Culinary tour summary:

This is a chance to experience the city of Dresden in a more leisurely way. Combine a walking tour of Dresden city centre with food stops. Get to know the city not only through its history, buildings and monuments, but also through its palate. Sample local comfort foods and taste regional wines or beer.

The tour includes a visit to a confiserie where you can try your hand at decorating your own chocolate.

This tour will take place at Friday 3 pm. We offer two options- with and without wine tasting. Visit the product page on TripAdvisor to book the one you prefer.

Book with wine tasting- 3.5 hours

Book without wine tasting- 3 hours