Duration: min. 2 hours
Price: from 120 EUR/group (incl. 19% VAT)


Jewish life in Dresden

Jews have been settling in Dresden ever since the 13th century. Even August the Strong used Jewish money to finance the Polish crown. In 1839/40 Gottfried Semper built the second synagogue in Dresden, which was destroyed during the Pogrom Night in 1938. Victor Klemperer’s diaries talk about the Jewish life during World War II for the individual Jew. The Holocaust was a major turning point for Jewish life also here in Dresden.

Today we can see the new synagogue which was awarded a renowned architectural prize in 2002. (no inside visit included)

This tour takes you to the places of Jewish life in Dresden before the Second World War, during the Communst time and today. If you wish to learn about Jewish life not only in the historic city center, we also show you additional parts of the city of Dresden.

Tour facts:

Duration: 2 hours only historical city center, extension by visiting other parts of the city by public. Transport or taxi / rental car / bus  3 – 4 h
Price (in English): 2h from 120 €/ 3h 160 € / 4h 200 € (all prices incl. 19% VAT)


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