Duration: 2 hours
Start: only available as private tour
Location: Neumarkt square / Martin Luther statue
Price: 150 € (no VAT)

Psychology writes History ™ Tour II

High hopes and false promises- Dresden’s long wait for freedom

During our Psychology writes History ™ Tour II  you will explore the time after World War II with Seema Prakash.

The devastating Nazi era played itself out in Dresden and was then followed by yet another totalitarian regime. Revisit this entire period by taking a different kind of guided walk through Dresden’s city centre. Take a deeper look with Seema, not just at the Third Reich era and the Hitler Myth, and the repression during the Cold War period, but also the personal courage and dissention that finally dissolved the Communist rule and led to the reunification of Germany in 1989.

Tour facts:

Language: English

Private tours: Max 15 persons. 150 € (no VAT). Time to be mutually decided.


You may have seen the award winning movie “The Life of Others” that vividly brought this time under Communist rule and the much hated Stasi (State Security Police) to life. Visit the former Stasi Prison in Dresden as an extension of the above tour. This is where people were held, interrogated and imprisoned and is a bleak reminder of the fact that oppressive regimes themselves sow the seeds of their own opposition.

Stasi- Prison in Dresden

Stasi prison in Dresden

Tour facts:

Language: English

Duration: 3.5 hrs in total

Private tours: 180 € (no VAT) plus transport if needed and entry fee.

Those tours are offered by Seema.

Are you interested in this special tour? If so, please send us an informal request for a guided tour with your chosen date and time. We will then write back to you concerning all further details and finally a confirmed booking.