Duration: 90 minutes
Price: from 20 €/Person + entrance ticket royal palace

Royal Palace Dresden: 1.000 years of Jewish life in Saxony – narrated through selected exhibits from the Dresden State Art Collections with the Green Vault, Coin Cabinet, Armoury and Turkish Chamber

Traces of Jewish settlement and Jewish life can be found in Saxony since the 11th century, and since the 14th century there have been documentary references to various Jewish communities.

The Jews had to fight for centuries for their place in society. They visibly influenced and shaped the development of Saxony. The history of Jewish life in Saxony is also reflected in the collections of the Royal Palace in Dresden and can be linked and outlined with selected exhibits with exciting events and interesting personalities. This not only promotes understanding of the richness of Jewish culture and tradition, but also helps in removing some of the remaining prejudices and reservations.

Tour facts:

Duration:  90 min
Prices: 150 € /group incl. 19% VAT+ entrance ticket royal palace, maximal number of participants is 25
or  20 €/Person + entrance ticket royal palace, minimum number of participants is 5

This tour is offered by Katharina.

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