Heidi Paizs

Heidi Paisz



As a former member of DresdenWalks Heidi helps us with support of our international guests.

About me:

The city of Dresden has risen like phoenix from the ashes and living in the city for more than 50 years I have been part of this. On my tours I would like to make you familiar with the history of my place and focusing on historic backgrounds and the ambivalence of the city´s development. Holding the permits for guided tours in the State Art Collections I have been specializing on Art and Music Tours. Dresden and Saxony are my passion and travelling is my fascination. I very much enjoy getting in touch with other cultures and learning from other people. But nevertheless – there is no better place to live and enjoy arts like Dresden. So come and join my tour- Welcome to Dresden! – Bienvenidos!

Website: www.citytours-dresden.com
Email: heidi@dresdenwalks.com

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