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Psychology writes History Tour I
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Dresden, Meissen, Saxon Switzerland, Leipzig, Pillnitz and Seiffen

About me:

If New Delhi is the city of my birth and my growing up, Dresden is the city that captured my heart and changed my life.

I came here as a tourist in 2009 and returned only briefly to India to pack my bags, give up my job in mental health and say a heart wrenching goodbye to my family. Dresden with its glorious architecture, enthralling stories and the legendary phoenix like quality of rising- from -the- ashes continues to fascinate me and I love to share my passion for it and reveal the many sides of this multi-faceted city to our guests.

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What our clients say about Seemas Tours:


I took this walking tour recently and it was excellent! There were only 3 of us on the tour that day, and Seema was our guide. She was fantastic! Between the photos she had to share and her knowledge of the city and it’s history, it was an excellent way to get to know the city. I highly recommend this tour, especially at the beginning of a trip.

January 2020

Mtngrl (via Tripadvisor)
Great Tour

Seema our guide was very knowledgable and gave us insights you just wouldn’t get from a guide book. Very enjoyable and would recommend

January 2020

James S (via Tripadvisor)
We took this tour on 23rd July, and thoroughly enjoyed. The guide Seema Prakash was very knowledgeable. Of particular interest was her pictorial explanation of various events in the history of Dresden. Would highly recommend her tour.

July 2018


Rajesh Pande (via Mail)
Seema a fabulous tour guide

Loved this walking tour.
Seema answered all our questions patiently and with so much knowledge. And walked us slowly through the city providing us with stories and facts. All very easy.
I recommend this walking tour company (& Seema). Quality experience.
Walking tours are the best way to see and experience a city.

October 2017

PenelopeC2002 (via tripadvisor)
Afternoon walk with Seema

We did the afternoon old town walk with Seema in late September and were really impressed with her passion for Dresden and how she related its very interesting history. We especially appreciated the extra WW2 history that she incorporated into the tour when she found out this was an area of particular interest for us (luckily we had a very small group). We saw several interesting places that we wouldn’t otherwise have noticed.

We didn’t cover as much physical distance on this tour as we did on walking tours in other European cities, so this may be a good choice for anyone with mobility issues. The meeting point wasn’t really that obvious to us – look out for a green sign at the bottom of the statue steps in Bruhl Terrace.

September 2017

Karly L (via tripadvisor)
Seema was a great historical guide!

The Dresden Walking tour provided a nice summary of the history of Dresden (1100-present).Seema was knowledgable & most helpful in our 2 hour lesson of Dresden.

August 2017

Carla L (via tripadvisor)
Dirk Schattschneider (via Facebook)
Wonderful walk in Old Town

We had a wonderful afternoon tour in the old part of town. Our guide Seema met us at Treffpunkt Schlossplatz. We were really impressed with her great depth of understanding of Dresden and how she related its very interesting history. She was able to answer many question from our group which made if feel like a private tour. WW2 history she included in the tour gave us a better appreciation of the rebirth of the city.

July 2017

Khann22 (via tripadvisor)
Great History and Engaging Presentation

My wife and I went on this tour. Our guide Seema was outstanding. Very knowledgeable about Dresden history and she engaged the group by asking questions, getting everyone talking, and making sure all questions were answered. The 90+ minutes flew by and we felt this gave us a great base to start and focused us on items we wanted to see further during our stay. Price to value is very high with this tour group.

April 2017

Tom2951 (via tripadvisor)
A really excellent guide

We were most fortunate to have Seema as our guide. She made it all very interesting and was able to respond to all our questions. Overall a very good introduction to Dresden.

April 2017

Kathy H (via tripadvisor)
Fantastic orientation tour

Wonderful way to get your bearings in Dresden. Seema is a fun and knowledgeable guide with a great grasp of the layers of history and politics and culture. We also appreciated her willingness to tackke many questions and her humanity in responding. The walk is really quite short in terms of distance, but wear sunscreen.

March 2017

Julie C (via tripadvisor)
Nice walking tour to give you a good impression of Dresden and its’s history

The tour was very interesting. Sema, our guide was very nice. She told us very much of the history of the city when we walked across the nice buildings

February 2017


Roel v (via Tripadvisor)

Nice tour

Did a really Nice tour today on februari the 28th 2017. The girl, I forgot her name, knows a lot of Dresden, If u want to do a quick tour of the history of Dresden its a good tour!

Aufenthalt Februar 2017
Sjaak K (via Tripadvisor)
Excellent tour from Seema

£ 12 is great value for this 1.5-2 hour tour. Seema, our guide was sooo knowledgeable and friendly! Couldn’t recommend this tour enough, really gives you a vibe to the city to help you explore more!

February 2017

Lizzyjanderdon (via Tripadvisor)
Excellent walking tour!

This was an absolutely wonderful tour, our guide was excellent and she told us a great mix of history and funny stories about the place. I wouldn’t have had half the appreciation or understanding of what I was looking at without this tour. Highly recommend!!!

December 2016

Elizabeth (via getyourguide)
Wonderful Walking Tour

This is a wonderful little walking tour. Although it is compact and doesn’t cover a great deal of territory, it does cover quite a bit of history. Our guide, Seema, was both well-spoken, and well-informed. In addition to the walking tour itself being wonderful, the communication via email with staff beforehand was great. My wife inadvertently signed up and bought tickets for a German-speaking tour, but this was rectified via email and we had no problems when we arrived at the meeting point.

December 2016

BethesdaMadMan (via tripadvisor)
Our guide was informative and informed; showing an excellent depth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to delivering a great tour.

A real pleasure and good overview to the city.

October 2016

Eva (via get your guide)
“A soggy day in Dresden”

Seema ,our guide, made this wet and drab day come to life with her choices of places to explore and her insightful commentary. A coffee stop in the baths of the nymphs was particularly welcome. Thank you

Aufenthalt Oktober 2016
Ewa H (via Tripadvisor)
“À faire ”

Le 12 août 2016, j’ai fait la visite guidée en anglais du centre historique de Dresde . Seema, notre guide, était très intéressante, de bonne humeur et répondait à toutes les questions. Cette visite guidée m’a fait gagner du temps dans la visite de la ville.

August 2016
Corinne L (via Tripadvisor)
“Great tour”

I was in Dresden just for a day and took this tour. I couldn’t have made a better choice. Our Guide Seema Prakash was very good. She was very thorough with all details about the place. She had answers to all the questions we asked her. The tour was well planned with enough time at each spot and just the write amount of walking. Her tips about other things that to do in the city were also very helpful. Very good way to learn about the history and the contemporary life of the city in the least possible time. Strongly recommend.

July 2016

Shloka V (via Tripadvisor)
“Excellent walking tour with a clear English guide”

This is our 3rd week in Europe and Seema was the best spoken guide so far. She was knowledgeable, interesting. She put the places and people in a broad historical context. In modern times that is destruction, neglect, reconstruction and reconciliation.

July 2016
Dwatsontlh (via Tripadvisor)
“Guide was very informative and friendly and had some secrets to tell”

Dresden is beautiful as it is stunning which is amazing as has been rebuilt using burnt out stone and a lot of love and care in restoration of the buildings and artefacts which where not damage or hidden away. Any way for all and just go see and injoy it for you

July 2016

Neil (via Get-your-guide)
Thank you very much for accommodating our last minute request.

The tour was very informative and given us a background in understanding this lovely city much better.

Much appreciated !!

(private Tour in July 2016)


reza, rizwana and family (via mail)
“A fabulous informative walk”

Did a wonderful historical walk through the old city of Dresden. Seema, our guide was excellent… Passionate and so informative. She explained the history of Dresden so well and as we were such a small group it felt so much more personal. I find going on a guided walk when you arrive in a new city , it just adds so much to the experience. Would recommend Seema as a tour guide anytime !!!

May 2016


Chris17Sw (via Tripadvisor)
“Excellent Overview”

I had a short 6-hour stint in Dresden, and I decided to spend 2 of those hours on DresdenWalks to learn more about the city. It was certainly time well-spent! Seema was an excellent tour guide, the price was modest (NOTE: discounts for students!), and the group size was small (they cap the group at around 20 people, and my tour had about 10 people). I recommend the tour for people passing by Dresden or as a “Day 1” activity for someone’s extended stay in the city.

June 2016
MelB527 (via Tripadvisor)
Seema, our guide did an excellent walking tour of the historical area of Dresden. She did a wonderful job of explaining the history and subsequent reconstruction of this area. A very well spent two hours!!

marthatravels (via Tripadvisor)
It was a pleasure to get some historical background on the city of Dresden and it’s fantastic architectural gems in the old city. Seema, one of several Dresden Walks guides, led us through the layers of history, ancient to modern. In 1 3/4 hours she demonstrated mastery of the subject while showing real respect for tour group members. Well worth the modest price.
1fromme (via Tripadvisor)
Excellent walking tour

Seema was an excellent guide. She provided very interesting historical information.

Stephen – Stuttgart (via get-your-guide)
“Good City Overview”

This tour was everything I hoped it would be: a bit of history, a bit of geography, and a bit of landmarks/museums. I go on city walks wherever I visit, and I know what makes a good tour guide; Seema seemed to have it all.

She knew her stuff. When I asked when August the Strong reigned, she didn’t have to look up the info, she just gave me the dates. She also had a good sense of what was important and didn’t dwell on trivial details. Yet sometimes the details are what makes history interesting, like why one of the horses in the Procession of Princes is stepping on a rose, and she knew to highlight such things. I’d recommend this tour to anyone wanting an overview of Dresden, an overview that you can’t just get by reading about Dresden on Wikipedia.

KerryandTim (via Tripadvisor)
“Psychology Writes History”

I had an excellent tour called Psychology Writes History. This was among the most interesting and thought-provoking of the tours I had during my time in Germany.

Seema was very knowledgeable and I found this a fascinating afternoon that gave me a context for a deeper understanding of the events of World War II. I would definitely have also taken the more general tour that DresdenWalks offers, but my time was unfortunately limited. Hopefully on a return trip…

bchaplin (via Tripadvisor)
Wonderful tour, makes simple architectures much more meaningful and interesting!

I went to dresden on January, on the most quiet time of the year. I was the only one that day, and it was totally amazing to hear to the whole story from the beginning of dresden to how it is now.

It was much better than Just seeing the churches and the palace without knowing any background, and Seema, my tour guide, was really nice and a very talented guide! Totally worth the price and I recommend to people to really want to know more than just sight-seeing!

SoomiJung (via Tripadvisor)
Since we do have a lot of guests from all over the world our tours are not only for native speakers. 

Très recommandé!

Nous avons fait le tour de la vieille ville de Dresden avec Seema, le 12 juillet . Elle possède une excellent connaissance de son sujet. Elle était ouverte et sensible à son auditoire; deux familles de jeunes enfants nous accompagnaient. Elle a adapté son itinéraire en fonction de tous. Elle est passionnée et répond de façon très complète à nos questions. Nous avons trouvé le tour très intéressant et nous le recommandons à tous!

martine242015 (via Tripadvisor)

Hello, We had a tour a couple of weeks ago from Seema. It was an awesome experience and we just wanted to say thank you! [June 2015]

The tour was the highlight of our holiday in Dresden

Seema, our guide, was easy to follow, very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. We weren’t rushed and had a fabulous 2 hours to learn about how psychology writes history. It was the highlight of our holiday. The walk brought a tragic past era in the history of Dresden to life. This walk is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in life in Dresden before, during and after the Nazi era.

Sirpa189932 (via Tripadvisor)
Dear Seema,
I just wanted to write before we head down to Prague to thank you for all of the thoughtful knowledge and ideas you shared with us. You are so kind and memorable for us. It is very meaningful to me especially when Owen is so interested in what a guide has to say. I cannot thank you enough for all of your insight about the people and history especially about psychology and human nature and the influences throughout history. You taught us all so much and gave us much to talk about for years to come. We hope you will keep in touch and visit us if you come to the United States…
Thank you!
With Love, Beth & Family
[private tour in May 2015]
Fantastic walking tour to help unravel Dresden

Our lovely guide Seema waited for us – despite rain and shine. Incidentally, as soon as it was time to start the walk, it stopped raining and the sun came out. How about that!

Our walk started promptly and we covered a fair bit in the 2 hours – from blackened buildings to newer reconstructions. If you’re curious about the Zwinger (why was it built, and to impress whom), where to see a good example of communist-style architecture (ugh!), what happened to the Frauenkirche during the war and its rise again (a sad story with a happier ending) — ask Seema and she’ll fill in the gaps for you in a most interesting way.

The best part was seeing the “Procession of Princes” (“the frieze”) with its hidden messages… you’ll just have to ask Seema. She was so knowledgeable, patient and full of interesting anecdotes, stories and facts – if only history was taught in this fascinating way in school, I’d have aced the subject!

[My only regret was not being there to join the “Psychology Makes History” Tour – next time! If this short introductory tour was an indication, I bet the PMH tour will be a real eye-opener!]

Lem T (via Tripadvisor)
Like all my fellow reviewers relate— this a MUST to do upon arrival in Dresden.
It allows you to wrap your head around all that has gone down here-the history ,art, and yes the bombing.
I am sure all the guides are well versed but Seema made it all come alive.
Whoever the guide-do not miss this as your first thing to do in Dresden.

Aufenthalt Oktober 2013

jfadds (via Tripadvisor)


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