The Day of Prayer and Repentance

The Day of Prayer and Repentance (Buss- und Bettag) is a public holiday, in the current time celebrated just in the state of Saxony.

Why so? Why just here?

Days of repentance in the history were previously held on various dates. There were nearly 50 days of repentance on 24 different dates in the German states for example in 1878. Later in 1893 a church council in Prussia decided that the day of repentance should fall on the Wednesday before the last Sunday in the church year.

The day became a public holiday from 1934 in the protestant area. From 1981, it was also observed in Catholic areas like in Bavaria.

After Germany´s unification the Day of Prayer and Repentance was a public holiday for the whole Federal Republic of Germany. In 1994 Germans exchanged the public holiday that year for health insurance improvements. However, Saxony has different health insurance arrangements as the other states of Germany and the state retained the public holiday.

The special of this day is an occasion for Protestant Christians to pray or reflect on quiet thoughts, time to find again the way to god.

This special relation between a human and god was a main-aspect of the Lutheran Protestants during reformation.

Saxony as the cradle of the reformation has to hold on this tradition.