The Dresdner Stollenfest

Today was the Dresden ‘Stollenfest’, a great festival with a lively procession through the city centre featuring a Stollen- the christmas cake particular to and only original from the Dresden region. The stollen that is paraded in the festival is not a regular one however. Last year it weighed more than 4000 kilos!

The stollen is taken through the city in a horse drawn carriage accompanied by master bakers and a beautiful Stollen Maiden, unveiled to the public with great pomp and finally cut up into 500 gram squares at the ‘Striezelmarkt’ Christmas Market. These are then sold for a good cause. The ceremonial sword used to cut the cake up is 1.6 meters long and weighs 12 Kilos. I am sure it needs some practice to wield this sweet sword!

Last year the festival had more than a 150 000 visitors. It seemed to me that we had more this time than last year. We certainly hope you were one of them. And if not, be here next year and walk with us after the procession! Here are some photographs from our walk this morning.