During all our walking tours through the Old Town we inform our guests about the reconstruction of the houses on the New Market Square. It is the area which has changed the most during the last years and reflects nowadays Dresden’s former charm.

The square and the surrounding area were a busy area with numerous civil and nobility houses until 1945. But it had been an open space after the bombing and the destruction of these houses. However, since the reopening of the Church of Our Lady, the reconstruction of the New Market Square has started too.

The latest residential block (no. VIII) opened in April covers an area of 5,700m² and is situated between the Schlossstrasse and the Johanneum.

Most of the houses have historical façades, some houses were even reconstructed according to the historical plans. E.g. Schlossstrasse (Castle street) no. 34 which is also one the most striking houses in that block. It has a larger-than-life statue of Daniel Pöppelmann, court architect of Augustus the Strong, who inhabited this house once. The cellar vaults inside date back to the 15th c. and were incorporated in the reconstruction and function now as the wellness area of the recently opened Swissotel with 235 rooms and suites.

Parallel to the Schlossstrasse runs the Schlösserstrasse (‘Tax collector’s lane’). Most of the houses there accommodate shops but also an apartment hotel and a luxury residence with 19 owner-occupied flats.

And finally we suggest a stroll through the Kanzleigässchen (‘Small office alley’) as you can see Dresden’s most famous dancer Gret Palucca on the façade there. If you should not see her at first sight, we show you that special wall decoration during our walks starting daily at 11AM.