The Transport Museum Dresden. A must see

SiDSCF7638nce the 11th of July the Transport Museum Dresden has become a place you should consider visiting. Especially if you are travelling with children. This is because they can learn about the development of transport in an extremely interesting and interactive way. From the first mode of transport – shoes, through the first cycles and motorcars, aviation and all the way up to the present and beyond into the future.

Spread over two levels and divided into six  time periods, the 200 years history of transport is not a boring succession of vehicles, but has been brought to life by photographs and stages scenes of what a street may have looked like when carriages, cars, cycles and pedestrians fought for space on the same narrow road.

This impression of travelling back in time has been enhanced by the information about how changing technology and transport changed and influenced the lives of people. At ‘listening stations’ you can hear about the different times from the perspective of a family.

As a foreigner I found the small section dedicated to the East German times fascinating.

Permanent Exhibitions also include 200 years of aviation history, German and Saxon Railway history which has on display valuable originals and models such as the oldest German steam locomotive, and navigation history. And if all this was not enough, there is the ‘Laboratory of the Future’ where one can virtually construct a car for oneself.

The Transport Museum is housed in the Johanneum or the Royal Stables and can be approached from Neumarkt.

Display texts are also in English and an audio guide can be downloaded as well.DSCF7669

More information on the museum can be obtained here

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