Wine Festivals in and around Dresden in September

It has become colder, the sun is loosing power in these weeks. Autumn is coming. It’s the time when grape harvest starts. Wine growing has first time been mentioned in the Upper Elbe valley around 1400 and up to now white and red wine is cultivated in and around Dresden. In Dresden about 35 ha are covered by grapes. They lend Dresden special charm. There is even a state owned vineyard in Radebeul, the Western neighbour city of Dresden, the palace Schloss Wackerbarth estate.

In the last week of August the first vineyards began to harvest. The first wine is the so called Federweißer (in German consisting of two words: Feather and white) it’s also known as new wine. This is a ‘wine’(must) made of white or red grapes which just started to ferment. As it is not filtered it looks milky and it tastes a bit like sparkling vine.

Several vineyards invite to vine festivals on September weekends. There you can taste the wine and celebrate with the locals.

The Wine festival in Radebeul is perhaps the biggest and most traditional in the region – it lasts from Friday, 26, to Sunday, 28 September.
Throughout autumn vineyards invite into their small wine shops and taprooms.
Here you can read more about vine festivals and different vineyards of the region

Written by Iris Stauch